10 Simple Ways To Decrease Pain – Part 1

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If you have been physically injured in any capacity, the mental frustration experienced can cause pain in addition to the the injury itself. Having frustration tightens the body down and hinders rather than supports the healing process. At these difficult times, the best thing you can do for your body is to continuously take deep breaths in. Couple that with any healing modality you have entered into and recognize that this too shall pass. Your body can then do what it does best, healing itself. Deep breathing also assists the healing process when surgery is required.

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My lower back hurts and my neck and shoulders are killing me! Just walking and getting up and down out of a chair was starting to send more pain into my back and legs. This was my way of life for almost a year. Although I was seeing my chiropractor on a regular basis, I was not holding my adjustment more than about a couple of days. A friend of mine who suffered from some of the same issues told me how she had finally gotten the help she needed through Elite Bodyworks Management with Jennifer Bo…
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